City Survey


The purpose of the City Survey was to measure San Francisco residents’ experience and perception of San Francisco government services and community issues. Results were used by the City of San Francisco to help the Controller’s Office meet its Charter mandate by directly asking residents of San Francisco, who are the users of these City services, for their opinions. Government services and community issues addressed included local government performance, public safety, public transportation, street and sidewalk cleanliness, pavement condition, street trees, recreation and parks, libraries, children, youth and families, health, and technology, among others. Interviews were conducted by phone and online.

Key Findings:

The 2017 survey showed ratings largely unchanged since 2015, with most City services rating a B (3.00 out of 4). However, there was a slight drop in ratings as ratings for Safety and 311 dropped from a B+ to B.

The library system (“B+”) received the highest ratings among city services with 89% of respondents rating the library system an “A” or “B”, and 90% rating library staff assistance an “A” or “B.” Conversely, Muni (“B-”) received the lowest ratings in the 2017 survey, with only  34%  of  respondents  rating  crowding  on  Muni  an  “A”  or  “B”  and  39%  rating  the  cleanliness of Muni an “A” or “B”.


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