California High Speed Rail Surveys


This comprehensive study asked auto and transit respondents about current/trips which could have been taken using the envisioned California High Speed Rail system. Surveys asked a mix of origin/destination, attitudinal, demographic, and mode choice questions, taking into account distance traveled, wait times, pricing, total travel time, etc.

CG&G conducted two surveys on behalf of Cambridge Systematics for the California High Speed Rail System. In 2005, the survey was conducted to access the feasibility of a High Speed Rail System in California. Surveys were conducted among persons who had taken trips to regions in California that may be served by a bullet train.

The 2013‐2014 Survey updated the data collected in 2005 to revisit California residents’ choice trade‐offs for their intercity travel using more current data. The survey was conducted as a hybrid study with surveys being performed on paper, by telephone, and by tablet. The survey data was used to supplement the existing data sources and to estimate a new set of mode choice models for intercity travel.  The survey also included a set of new questions on attitudes towards high‐speed rail (HSR) service, respondents’ past experience with HSR, and their travel flexibility at different times of the day. In addition, the survey sampling approach was revised to include air travelers at the LAX airport and on‐board Caltrain trains.


Documentation for the 2013-14 survey can be viewed here: Documentation

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