BART Customer Satisfaction Study


Sustaining a high level of customer satisfaction is a key part of BART’s efforts to increase ridership and enhance the quality of life in the Bay Area. Every two years starting in 1996, Corey, Canapary & Galanis has conducted an on-board customer survey to gauge how well BART meets customer needs and expectations. This tracking survey has been used by BART to measure satisfaction and to identify and take action regarding specific systemwide improvements that are important to riders.

Over the years, the survey has served as an early warning system regarding a number of important customer service issues, including: out-of-service escalators and elevators, problems with ticket vending machines and faregates, train cleanliness and availability and responsiveness of personnel.

Key Findings:

The 2016 survey showed that although 69% of riders were very or somewhat satisfied with BART, satisfaction ratings have declined significantly since 2014. CC&G determined that some of the key factors contributing to the decline in customer satisfaction were increased crowding on the system, aging trains and stations, and system cleanliness concerns.

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